Workbenches alcera UNI - board - container - container 880 x 1500 x 700

Product code: alcera U15 K09 C1 7035 5010

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Workbenches alcera UNI - board - container 4x drawers - container 1x door 880 x 1500 x 700

Specification points

  • The work desk is made of 40 mm waterproof glued beech chipboard. 
  • The height of the work surface of unadjustable versions is 880 mm.
  • The UNI cabinets with 100% telescopic drawers, drawer ́s surface max. load 40 kg, central locking, an aluminium handle with a groove for inserting a label with drawer ́s contents, drawers per- forated on their sides and bottoms for using metal dividing bars in transverse direction. 
  • UNI cabinets with lockable doors and shelves of surface max. load 40 kg, shelves are adjustable after 25 mm.

Technical specification

Workshop Workbenches
Product line Alcera - modular
Row of containers UNI - max. Load capacity of drawers 40 Kg
Work surface width (mm) 1500
Workspace beech chipboard 40 mm
Number of containers 2
Type of containers Drawer

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