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UNI Drawer Cabinets

The UNI line drawer cabinets have a structurally simpler base than the PROFI line cabinets, and can be used for smaller loads of the drawer. They can be excellently used, for example, as workbench cabinets in assembly halls and packaging workplaces in service workshops and warehouses. The bodies of the drawer cabinets are designed as durable weldments, have an integrated central locking system. In the bottom or the rear wall, there are holes for anchoring to the wall or floor. The drawers of the UNI line cabinets are guided by telescopic 100% pull-out rails with a load capacity of 40 kg. They are equipped with an aluminium handle with a groove at the front for inserting a description of the contents of the drawer. The internal dimensions of the drawer are 24E x 27E, with 1E = 17 mm, the floor plan usable size of the drawer is 408 x 459 (449) mm. In the bottom and frame, the drawers have perforations in 1E grid for the use of metal dividers. Metal dividers can only be placed in one direction. The interior of the drawers can be further equipped with plastic boxes, see page 84, or with a foam liner designed according to the customer’s instructions.