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The computer cabinet 1700 x 650 x 600

Product code: CSP 65 1 A
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The computer cabinet is intended for placing a computer and external equipment at plants. The upper part of the cabinet is furnished with a glass-filled door made of 4 mm thick safety glass. The upper part is intended for placing an LCD monitor on stand or a CRT monitor up to 20”.


Detailed Description

The dimensions of the place for a monitor are 470 x 570 x 550 mm. An ejecting shelf for a keyboard and a mouse is placed under a lockable tilting door. In the bottom part there is place for a computer, a printer or other devices. The part of the standard version is a shelf adjustable after 25 mm. In the back wall of the cabinet there are covers with ventilation slots and cable outlets. The versions on a socle with a height adjustment or on wheelframe are available. The cabinet is well prepared for mounting accessories.

For an extra charge you can order an ejecting shelf for a printer, a moulding for 19” rack accessory mounting or a distribution switchgear with sockets or a combined distribution switchgear with sockets and a ventilator. The distribution switchgears are to be mounted into the back wall of the cabinet.

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