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Equipping the Facilities of the New Sports Hall of the National Table Tennis Training Centre in Havířov

  ALFA 3 premium metal garment lockers in the changing room  


  On Monday, September 14, 2020, the new hall of the largest table tennis training centre in the country was ceremoniously opened. It provides facilities to the Baník club, which also wins pan-European competitions and which celebrated a 65 year anniversary of its existence this year.  


  Ceremonial opening of the sports hall in Havířov  


The sports hall facilities are equipped with metal garment lockers and benches.

ALFORT premium metal garment lockers are installed in the VIP changing rooms. The lockers have durable double plated doors fitted with a damped closing mechanism. Locking is solved using electronic chip and cylinder locks.




VIP changing room with metal garment lockers in Havířov   ALFORT metal garment lockers
Versa electronic code locks on metal garment lockers   Interior arrangement of the premium ALFA 3 garment locker


Metal garment lockers of the ALDOP model line with double plated doors and cylinder locks are installed in the changing rooms of the team members. The lockers have a sloping top, which makes it impossible to store things, thus contributing to easier maintenance of order.   The design of the bench seats matches the colour of the garment locker doors.



ALDOP metal garment lockers with double plated doors   Sheet metal garment lockers with reinforced doors


Changing room benches are placed in the changing rooms, in the corridors, and directly in the hall. The benches are designed without any unnecessary structural elements in the lower part, which would complicate the cleaning of the floors. The bench seats are colour-coordinated with the interior.   For benches with hangers, safety hooks and a perforated panel are used to prevent contact of the hanging clothes with the wall.


Are you thinking about upgrading your locker room equipment?
We will be happy to help you create a design. We will certainly find a common solution.



Modern changing room benches with security hangers   Benches with hangers and garment lockers
Bench in the hallway of the sports hall   Alfa 3 benches in the sports hall



We are very happy to be able to participate in this beautiful project, and we wish all members of S all members of KST Havířov

- Martin Pritula



  Exterior of the SKST Havířov sports hall  
Interior of the SKST Havířov sports hall   nteriér sportovní haly Národního tréninkového centra stolního tenisu