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Special Large-Volume Garment Locker with a Folding Seat

For a major German industrial company, we have produced special large-volume garment lockers with folding seats for 300 employees. Each employee has generous space with a floor plan measuring 600 x 500 mm.


Are you thinking of furnishing your changing rooms?





Large-volume industrial garment locker with a folding seat


The garment lockers are vertically divided into compartments for storing work and civilian clothes. The two door leaves are locked together using one safety swivel lock.

Bezpečnostní otočný uzávěr BURG s oboustrannou hákovou závorou




View of the interior of a large-volume garment locker


Detail of the seat of a folding bench placed under a garment locker

At the top of each compartment there are storage shelves, with clothes hanging rails and clothes hooks attached under them. Towel hooks are mounted on the inside of the door.   The seat is fitted with a solid board made of beech battenboard painted with transparent varnish. The load capacity of the seat is 140 Kg. Behind the seat, there is a stop bar, which prevents objects placed on the seat from accidentally falling into the inner space of the base when it is folded.





Garment locker with a folding seat



In the lower part of the garment lockers, there is a folding base fitted with a seat. The user of the locker pulls out the bench seat by lightly pulling the handle in the front panel of the base, and folds it back after using it.

The main advantage of this system consists in the fact that it provides the garment locker users with maximum comfort when changing shoes and does not impede the free movement of people in the aisles between the garment lockers after folding the seats.

When designing changing rooms, the use of this system will allow the designer to install a larger number of garment lockers. Compared to the conventional solution in the form of support frames with seating or benches placed in the aisles between the garment lockers, it is possible to achieve 10-20% higher capacity of changing rooms.

For safety reasons, when installing garment lockers, it is necessary to connect them using screw connections. In addition, lockers standing in one row must be anchored to the walls at the top of the lockers.


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