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Our own development

In today's competitive environment, innovation is the key to maintaining and developing market leadership. At ALFA 3, s.r.o. we understand this rule well and constantly strive for professionalism and excellence in everything we create. This philosophy is reflected not only in the high quality of our products but also in our approach to work and innovation.


At ALFA 3, s.r.o., each new project results from a carefully planned and managed process that is directly influenced by the strategic decision-making of the company's management. Emphasis on the highest quality and innovative solutions is essential for us. Each project is assigned to a project manager who ensures that all phases of development are carried out to the highest standards.



We use 3D design software for product development



We will be happy to advise you on a suitable solution




Using Solid Edge 3D design software from Siemens is essential for product design and development. This advanced tool supports data transfer to our ERP system and also increases the overall efficiency of the design and development process. Integration with the ERP system means that information is readily available across departments, enabling faster decision-making and optimization of production processes.


We have a database of structural and parametric models


Software supports data transfer to ERP system



Our team of engineers have a wealth of experience and a wide range of skills in areas such as design technology, product development, CNC machine programming, and support for developing the company's ERP system. This diversity allows us to continually innovate and improve our processes, maintain our industry leadership position, and bring to market products that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations.

Process and product testing are the two pillars on which the quality of our newly developed products is verified. All aspects of the product are carefully examined and optimized. With this approach, we can guarantee that every ALFA 3, s.r.o. product is synonymous with quality and innovation.

Our commitment to innovation is confirmed by several patents and industrial designs, which testifies to the high quality of our products. 

Our goal is that each of our solutions should inspire our customers with the conviction that it was created by a team that knows its craft. We pay attention to every detail of the design because we believe that in these details is the key to perfection.

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