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Metal electronically lockable boxes for shared workspaces

We have implemented a major project for the supply of special electronically lockable boxes used for storing personal belongings of staff at shared workspaces. The products have a modern minimalist design that sensitively complements the interiors of new office buildings.


Are you thinking of equipping your facility




  Metal design lockers with storage boxes with online electronic lock and control terminal for shared workspaces  


  Based on the requirements of the client and the architect, the storage boxes were designed not only with regard to safety and functionality, but also by taking into account the acoustic comfort requirements.  



  Electronically lockable locker unit for shared workspaces  



Online electronic lock fitted in the locker for shared workspaces


Perforated acoustic front door panels of the locker for shared workspaces

Electronic locks are mounted in the interior frame of the locker unit, thus preventing unprofessional handling of the locks by users. In addition, this lock mounting method does not limit the storage space in any way.   The door frame is designed to further the achievement of pleasant acoustic comfort in the workplace. Perforated front panels and special foam door panels make a significant contribution to this.



   Installation of storage boxes for shared workspaces  



A natural part of the implementation of this project is also professional installation, testing the functionality of the electronic control system, as well as training of the system administrator and users.


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