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Parcel box passed the reliability test

The photos show our off-grid GLS Parcel Box installed in an environment without direct sunlight, which is not the primary purpose of its use. Ideally in such cases it should be fitted with a 230V power supply. We are pleasantly surprised that even without direct sunlight, in operation under marginal conditions, the box keeps its functionality.

23.04.2024 09:00


Off-grid parcel box


The operator of this facility asked us to change the power supply to 230V, but we decided to run temporary battery monitoring to verify the efficiency of our PV system and electronic components. We were very pleased that the test results exceeded our expectations. The standard box, which sends system status data every hour, maintained a constant battery charge level for over a month. This is an interesting development that we will continue to monitor closely.


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Even without direct sunlight, it's functional


We could hardly look for stronger proof of the reliability of our solar-powered parcel box, which has not yet been exposed to direct sunlight. This result confirms the high efficiency of our system and provides a solid basis for confidence in the box's ability to maintain its performance even in less-than-ideal conditions.


solar power measurement chart



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