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New UNI Containers

31.08.2020 10:00 Technical information

We have completely redesigned the workshop containers for workbenches and cabinets of the UNI line. We have applied technical solutions to this basic line of workshop furniture, which were previously only available for PROFI versions. The great advantage of this change is that despite the better technical solution, the sales price has not been affected.

In this article, we would like to describe the design details and user benefits in detail.


  ALFA 3 UNI workbench four drawer container  


The modified version of the body is made up of a smaller number of components. These are specially profiled to achieve higher rigidity of the structure. A new central locking system with small control forces is also used.

Due to the fact that UNI line containers are used as part of workshop workbenches, there is no danger of them overturning when several drawers are pulled out at the same time. Therefore, the locking system is not equipped with a system that would prevent several drawers from pulling out. This can be advantageously used in assembly plants, where the operator needs to have several drawers open at the same time, or quickly switch from one drawer to another without completely closing them.


Detail of the fitted corner of the drawer of the UNI workbench container   All structural components are carefully machined and fitted. High quality standards are achieved by using modern automated production lines. 


The drawers are attached to reliable telescopic full extensions. The surface load capacity of the drawer is 40 Kg. For drawers with a height of 4U - 6U, the surface load capacity of the drawer can be increased to 85 Kg for an extra charge.

  Pull-out drawer system of the UNI workshop container


Open drawer of the workbench container   The drawers are equipped with all-round profiled slots for attaching metal partitions. The floor plan dimensions of the 24 x 27 E workshop container drawer are 400 x 451 mm.


The drawer fronts can be removed. If required by the customer, the container can be delivered from the factory without mounted drawer fronts. They can be ordered separately in several colour shades, and the retailer then has the option of assembling the drawer fronts in the colour design according to customer requirements. This will enable retailers to minimize inventory and storage space while offering a wider range of product colour options.


  RAL Klasik surface treatment, a wider range of colour variants  


Are you thinking about upgrading workshop furniture?
We will be happy to help you create a design. We will certainly find a common solution.



  Drawer dividers of the UNI workshop container  


The interior of the drawer can be divided by the user using dividers, which can be found in the product range of optional equipment offered for an extra charge. For an extra charge, it is also possible to supply drawers in a design with the perforated bottom, which allows the partitions to be fixed in the required positions by means of screw connections.


The drawers are fitted with anodized aluminium handles, which have a groove for inserting a description of the contents of the drawer. The inner side of the handle has a fine groove for easier grip.

  Aluminium anodized handle of the workshop container drawer


Cylindrical workshop container lock   The containers are standardly locked with cylinder locks. The locks are supplied with two keys, and for larger orders it is possible to order a central key for emergency opening in the case of the loss of keys.


On request, UNI containers can be equipped with a code or chip electronic lock for an extra charge.

  Workshop container electronic chip lock



Workshop cabinets and containers in a modified design will be available from September 2020. The modified series will have the model designation DK2U.