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New Garment Lockers for Chlumec Primary School

03.08.2020 21:18 Case studies

More and more primary and secondary schools are abolishing outdated cage-like changing rooms and buying garment lockers. The motivation for this change is clear. Schools are striving to modernize, make the environment more attractive to their pupils and students, and offer them safe facilities for storing their personal belongings.

ALFA 3 – moderní kovové šatní skříňky pro šatny ZŠ Clumec
Every parent certainly has a personal experience of their primary-school age children having to carry a heavy school bag every day. No one wants to expose their children to the risk of excessive loading on the musculoskeletal system and the resulting health risks.

In cage-like changing rooms, which are accessible to a large number of people, it is almost impossible to investigate any loss of personal belongings. Cleaning of these changing rooms is also a difficult problem to solve.

School garment lockers solve these problems to a large extent. Some personal belongings and aids can be left in the locker, and you can take home only the things that are necessary for doing homework. The weight of the school bag will be reduced to a more acceptable level, and losses of caps, slippers and boots will become a thing of the past.  
However, the school management dealing with the modernization of the changing rooms also has to handle a difficult task of choosing the right garment lockers. Few people know that it is not enough just to choose the layout of the door, the size and colour of the locker, but that it is also necessary to consider the safety, fire and quality aspects.
The situation is made more complicated by the fact that there are a large number of products on the market which are by no means suitable for use in school changing rooms in terms of durability, material used and safety. If the tender documentation does not contain a very detailed description of the materials used, the safety and functional parameters, the contracting authority faces the risk of supply of products that will not be able to withstand in the long term, often due to a highly destructive treatment on the part of the users. 

Below, we describe the implementation process of one successful project. It is a project for the equipment of the school changing rooms in Chlumec Primary School.


ALFA 3 – školní šatní skříňky pro šatny ZŠ Clumec


Project implementation procedure



Technical specifications of special garment lockers


1. Inquiry

In the first half of 2019, we were contacted by a representative of the contracting authority with a preliminary inquiry regarding two variants of garment lockers. The aim was to verify the market situation and pre-select potential suppliers.

2. Consultations

We contacted the customer immediately, familiarized ourselves in detail with their idea, and recommended a reinforced version of the garment lockers of the R3M line, which is produced from sheet metal with increased strength and greater thickness. These school garment lockers have a number of other security features, which are described in detail at the end of this article. We submitted our offer in two required versions. The first one was for lockers with two door wings in one compartment above each other. The second version was for lockers with Z-shaped doors.

3. Offer

At the beginning of 2020, the contracting authority started personal negotiations with the potential suppliers. In February, our project manager attended a meeting with the client’s representatives and presented our recommended solution. Based on our long-term experience, he pointed out the advantages and risks of the various variants of the technical solutions for the school garment lockers.

4. Approval

The contracting authority subsequently announced a tender for the supply of garment lockers. The conditions for the participation also stipulated the delivery of a sample of the offered product. We produced the sample and personally presented it to the client within the required time. The selection committee was satisfied with the design and technical execution of the sample, and after evaluating all the submitted offers, we were selected as a supplier of the garment lockers.

ALFA 3 - Školní šatní skříňky, dvouplášťové dveře


5. Production

The production went off without any complications. At the end of May, we installed the garment lockers in the changing rooms in cooperation with a verified external contractor. 

6. Installation

Our project manager personally supervised the installation, ensuring its precise execution. 

The resulting solution met the expectations of the school management. We are glad that our products have contributed to increasing the comfort of the pupils of Chlumec Primary School, and we believe that they will serve them reliably for a very long time.

Throughout service life of the garment lockers, we are ready to supply spare parts such as locks, keys and other components. 


ALFA 3 – vykládka šatních skříněk
  ALFA 3 – příprava na instalaci v šatnách ZŠ Chlumec



Are you thinking about modernising your changing room facilities?
We will be happy to help you prepare a design. We will certainly find a common solution.



Technical specification of the special products for Chlumec Primary School

  • ALDUR 1 product line, safety class C
  • Recommended design for use in school changing rooms
  • Reinforced door and body frame made of 0.8 mm thick sheet metal
  • Double plated door with high resistance to torsional and bending stresses
  • Reinforcement of the frame in the area of the lock - protection against twisting and bending of the lock bolt
  • Lock bolt with a hook - protection against levering the door open
  • Door suspended on solid metal pins, with a maximum door opening angle of 100°
  • Door opening angle limiter
  • Towel hook in the door plate
  • Storage shelf with a surface load capacity of 30 Kg
  • Clothes hanging rail with a load capacity of 10 Kg
  • In each compartment, 3 plastic hooks with a load capacity of 4 Kg
  • Mounting holes in the sides of the body for interconnection in rows
  • Mounting holes in the rear wall of the body
  • Mounting holes in the bottom for screwing to a support frame with seating
  • Holes prepared for additional mounting of a shelf in the lower part of the body
  • Holes prepared for additional mounting of the legs, or additional mounting of a plinth