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Modern Adaptable Workshop Furniture

25.02.2020 00:00 Implemented projects

Dílenský nábytek pro učňovské středisko

New creative ideas, project proposals and final products emerge on the workbench. Such a place needs attention, which is a well-known fact in the vocational training centre, which we have furnished with modern workshop furniture that will support the creative spirit of the apprentices and facilitate their daily work.

You can entrust anything to our drawer cabinets

Uzamykatelné zásuvky bezpečné ukryjí potřebné nářadí

The centrepiece of the local workshops is now formed by workbenches with solid worktops made of battenboard.

Thanks to the drawer cabinets of the PROFI line with 100% Fulterer pull-out slides, all work tools have their own place, the safety of which is ensured thanks to the central locking of the drawers.


However, the current layout of the workbenches need not be final. The apprentices work independently, as well as in larger or smaller groups. Our work equipment adapts to them, and can also withstand higher loads. Each workbench has its own pallet pedestal. Thanks to this, the mobility of our workshop furniture is highly variable, and can satisfy the needs of every apprentice who is currently using the workshop.


Have you hit on an idea of modernizing your work environment?
We will be happy to help you with the design. We will make customized work cabinets, workbenches, as well as equipment for the changing rooms.


Space for tools and the results of your work

Dílenské skříně s křídlovými dveřmi

The work environment is also perfectly complemented by workshop cabinets with wing doors.

To ensure the safety of the apprentices, we have installed safety tempered glass in the cabinets and complemented the equipment with practical drawer trolleys for tools. Because there is never enough storage space.