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Charging cabinets for a Dutch customer

For a Dutch customer we produced a series of lockable boxes for charging mobile devices. These devices are designed with an emphasis on safety, reliability, and functionality to meet all the requirements of the modern user.

29.05.2024 09:00 Implemented projects


Lockable charging boxes for mobile devices


The cabinet is equipped with double-skinned doors, which provide greater resistance to mechanical damage and burglary. In addition, the use of an opening angle limiter minimizes the risk of accidental damage to the door or surrounding objects. Each charging box is equipped with 230 V Schuko sockets. In addition, the boxes are equipped with two USB-A and one USB-C port, which allows the charging of a wide range of mobile devices and peripherals.



The boxes have ventilation that effectively dissipates the heat generated when charging mobile devices. This ventilation system contributes to prolonging the life of the charged devices and ensures their safe operation.

We used the BURG code lock, which is known for its reliability and security. The lock is equipped with a hook latch, which significantly increases the box's resistance to burglary. This type of latch mechanism is far more secure than conventional locks.



Charging cabinets with BURG code lock


The fire protection aspect is also important. Charging devices in separate mobile boxes significantly reduces the risk of fire spreading in the event of battery failure. In addition, the metal box extends the resistance time against the spread of fire, giving users valuable time to react and evacuate if necessary. This feature provides a higher level of safety not only for the devices themselves, but also for the surrounding environment.

Our lockable charging boxes are therefore the ideal choice for anyone looking for a safe, reliable, and efficient solution for charging mobile devices in a variety of environments, from offices to public spaces.



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