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Automated Production System

30.12.2019 07:12 Technical information

This year, we have put into operation an automated production system consisting of an automated warehouse and two robotic lines.

The automated Night Train FMS® warehouse is used for storing input material and unfinished parts. It ensures a continuous supply of the production lines and contributes to a continuous production flow. The PSBB production lines are used for robotic processing of sheet metal parts.

Each line consists of a loading machine for the input sheet metal, a Shear Brilliance SBe machine for punching and shearing parts, a robotic PSR logistics node, and an EBe press brake machine for fully automatic bending. The lines are further supplemented with panel benders of the eP line. The whole system communicates in both directions with our corporate ERP system.

The main benefit of this investment consists in production of innovative products, increased production capacity and flexibility of the production process.