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Industrial Computer and Printer Cabinet

We have produced 147 special computer cabinets for the sorting lines of a major shipping company that specializes in parcel delivery services. The cabinets are structurally based on the CSS 65 1 B product, which has been significantly customized for the needs of this project.

The upper part of the cabinet is equipped with a lockable safety glass extension cabinet for placing the monitor. A wall holder for A4 size document pockets is attached to the side of the extension cabinet.


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Industrial computer and printer cabinet   Metal computer cabinet for manufacturing plants


Power strip and amplifier in an industrial computer cabinet


Special industrial computer cabinet, weighing scale compartment

Two cable glands are mounted on the side of the cabinet. There is a 19 inch Bachmann rack power strip with 8 230V sockets inside. Above it, there is a speaker amplifier at the rear of the lower part of the cabinet, there is a grooved cable duct, which is designed for precise cable routing to all devices.    In the compartment under the monitor, there is a 230V power socket, a cable gland and a speaker for acoustic signalling of the correct shipment data reading.


PC cabinet, reinforced door of the printer compartment with a hook lock   Computer cabinet, keyboard tray


The door in the lower part of the cabinet has massive profiled reinforcement and safety reinforcement in the lock area.
The cylinder lock is equipped with a safety hook bolt. The pull-out printer shelf has an area load capacity of 40 Kg.
  The pull-out shelf has an anodized aluminium handle, and is guided by telescopic pull-outs with a load capacity of 40 Kg.



The cabinets have been designed and produced with the utmost care and we believe that they will serve the customer long and reliably.



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