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Hanging UNI line cabinet for workbenches 351 x 480 x 600 - 3x drawer

Product code: DKU 6U 3A S C1 7035 1023

The following types of product are available:

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Drawer colour shades of KLASIK chart
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Drawers 2427E, telescopic slide-rails with 100% sliding and with a carrying capacity of 40 kg. The bodies are constructed as solid weldments, they have installed a central locking system and in the bottom or in the back wall they are furnished with slots for anchoring to the wall or to the floor.


Detailed Description

The drawers of the UNI line cabinets are guided in telescopic slide-rails with 100% sliding and with a carrying capacity of 40 kg. They are furnished with an aluminium handle which has a groove for inserting a label with drawer ́s contents.

Specification points

  • Inner drawer ́s dimensions are 24E x 27E, where 1E = 17 mm
  • Useable drawer plan is 408 x 459 (449) mm
  • The drawers are perforated in the bottom and in the frame in 1E raster so that metal dividing bars can be used. The metal dividing bars can be placed in one direction only.
  • The inner space of the drawers can be further furnished with plastic bins, or with a foam filling designed according to the disposition given by the customer.

Technical specification

Workshop Cabinets
Product line UNI
Basic division a) sockets
Internal dimension of the drawer 2427E (400 x 451 mm)
Body height b) 6U (351 mm)
Storage of drawers d) telescopic 100% extension load capacity 40 Kg
Upper structure painted sheet metal
Substructure a) base socle 40 mm

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