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Garment Lockers for the Chomutov Logistics Centre Staff

In October 2022, we manufactured and delivered special garment lockers for 1,180 staff of a new logistics centre which was leased by Panattoni Development Company to multinational companies operating in the field of e-commerce.


Are you considering the idea of equipping your changing rooms?





Sheet metal staff storage garment locker with a Z-shaped door in accordance with ČSN 73 4108


These special garment lockers are based on the proven design system of the A3 series. It is characterized by high rigidity of the welded frame, precise multiple profiling of the structural elements and a special system of precise positioning of the individual components.

The basic garment locker module has dimensions of 1,900 x 400 x 500 mm. The natural ventilation system and internal division of the storage space are designed in accordance with ČSN 73 4108.




Clothes rails with sliding hooks inside a metal garment locker


Reinforced door of a special Z-shaped garment locker

A clothes rail with sliding plastic hooks is attached in the upper part of each compartment. The load capacity of the hook is 4 Kg. The clothes storage space is separated from the shoe storage space with a fixed partition.   The door leaves are fitted with a reinforcing profile. A towel hook is attached to the inside of the door. The cross-section of the ventilation holes for natural ventilation has above-standard dimensions.


View of garment lockers placed on benches with pull-out shoe racks


Hook bolt of a mechanical code lock installed in a garment locker


For locking the garment lockers, the customer opted for mechanical code locks with the possibility of emergency opening with a safety key.



Our company absolutely does not underestimate the safety aspect of its products. In this case as well, the locking system is fitted with safety hook bolts. This structural element significantly increases the resistance of garment lockers against burglary.


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