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Exterior cabinets for fire extinguishers 580 x 520 x 240

Product code: HPV 6 2 A
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The cabinets for fire extinguishers are constructed as resistant weldments with full rear part and with wing-doors. In the door plate there is a key holder placed behind the breakable glass. The cabinet is furnished with slots for placing the sealing.


Detailed Description

The cabinets are furnished with a self-adhesive label with the symbol of extinguisher. The surface treatment is solved by powder coating, standardly in RAL 3000 - flame red, alternatively they can be supplied in white colour. The part of the supply are two keys and the material for anchoring into the wall. For an extra charge it is possible to produce the cabinets in stainless version or in version designed for inbuilding into the wall.

Recommended using:

  • shops and supermarkets
  • parkings and garages
  • offices and administrative blocks
  • blocks of flats
  • production plants
  • hotels

Technical specification

Cabinets for fire extinguishers
cabinet selection Cabinets for fire extinguishers
design Exterior
number of fire extinguishers 2
size of fire extinguishers 6 kg

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