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Electronically Lockable Package Delivery Locker

For a foreign trading company, we have produced sets of outdoor electronically lockable package delivery lockers. The lockers are fitted with SELECT PARCEL SYSTEMS locks, and can be used by various package service providers.


Are you thinking of placing smart outdoor package delivery lockers?





Sets of outdoor electronically lockable boxes


Packages for various recipients are easily stored in individual lockers by the delivery person using the application. Recipients will receive an automatically sent SMS message or e-mail with a TAN code to open the locker. Recipients can collect packages at any time convenient for them.

Our package delivery lockers are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. We have applied technical measures which, even without the use of contact sealing elements, prevent rainwater from flowing into the lockers. The bases are adapted for anchoring, and are equipped with a height levelling system. 




Double-plated doors of a package delivery locker


Detail of an electronic BeCode TAN lock

The locker doors are made of a durable material. The frame is double-plated, and the door is rotatably mounted on a solid stainless steel hinge rod. At the bottom of the door there are gutter strips that prevent water from flowing through the gaps between the doors. A mechanical system is applied to prevent the door from being opened unintentionally at an angle greater than 95°.   The system is designed modularly. The locker units are 500 mm wide and 600 mm deep. Compartments with different clear height can be placed in one locker unit. In the case of large-scale projects, we are able to adapt the dimensions and design to the customer’s requirements.





Package delivery locker, combination of multiple door heights

Terminal with the BeCode application



Advantages of the BeCode TAN SELECT PARCEL SYSTEM:

  • The delivery person can choose any vacant locker. He/she orients him/herself according to the LED signalling on the outside of the lock.
  • Due to the fact that the locks are controlled wirelessly, control via the central terminal is not necessary.
  •  It is possible to operate a smaller number of units using the system, and capacity can be also easily expanded in the future.
  • The recipient will automatically receive delivery notification via SMS or e-mail with the locker number and access code.
  • Lockers are operated offline, which means that they are protected from attack via the Internet.
  •  It is possible to integrate package return service

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