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Electronically Lockable Boxes for Storing Personal Items and Documents

Based on the customer’s specifications, we designed an indoor storage box system based on the patented AlfaBOX structural system. We fully respected the client’s requirements for clean minimalist lines, colour design and special dimensions of the cabinet sets.


Are you considering the idea of placing electronically lockable storage boxes?





indoor set of electronically lockable storage boxes


The sets are made up of individual modules which are designed as durable weldments. Special attention was paid to ensure good usability of the storage space, without any unnecessary structural elements protruding inside, which would hinder the use of it.




AlfaBOX – terminal unit with a control touch panel and camera


Sets of electronically lockable storage boxes with a terminal unit equipped with a touch screen


We fully integrated the electronic lock system, control system and software supplied by our business partner so that service should be as simple as possible and did not require any special procedures or preparations.


The sets were arranged exactly in accordance with the client’s documentation.





Carefully adjusted storage boxes with an electronic online locking system


Our installation team ensured expert installation and careful adjustment of the doors and alignment of the joints between individual door panels.




Installation of the locker units with electronically lockable storage boxes, connecting control electronics


production of cabinet units with electronically lockable boxes


Our specialists expertly installed the electronic systems.



Everything was preceded by precise manufacturing and assembly in the ALFA 3, s.r.o. manufacturing plant in Luže. We achieve high accuracy and reliability of our products not only thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, but above all thanks to the skills and experience of all our colleagues.

Watch a video of our production.

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