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5 reasons to work for Alfa 3


 Fair working conditions

We measure everyone with the same yardstick. The same remuneration system and same rules apply to men, women, older and younger employees. The work environment is safe and clean.


 Quality facilities for employees, subsidized meals.

New changing rooms, showers and sanitary facilities are available to everyone. There is a canteen on the company premises, with a choice of 4 meals a day. The employer subsidizes the price of lunch with a contribution of 55%.


 We are constantly raising wages

We are constantly raising everyone’s wages. Monthly wages of those who try hard to work well and improve their qualifications increase faster by up to 25% per year. Our production professionals’ wages are above average wages in the region. We pay extra rewards when the plan is fulfilled.


 We think of old age and pensions

We also employ retirees. After 36 months, we contribute to the supplementary pension insurance of each employee. According to our calculations, there are employees in the company, whom we have already saved over 36 thousand crowns, and this amount is constantly increasing.


 Secure permanent employment, wages paid on the pay day

Fluctuation is minimal, so the company’s staff has stabilized greatly over ten years. We dismiss our employees only in exceptional cases. The company is successful, and the production volume is constantly growing. We have work to do for a long time ahead. We pay wages and bonuses on time.

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