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Cabinets for workbenches 840 x 555 x 600 - 5x drawers-electro

Product code: DKP 2727 17U 5KA EH C1 7035 5010

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Drawer colour shades of KLASIK chart
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Drawer 2727E, sliding Fulterer 80%, max. load 90 kg. Socket moulding with a switch and 7 sockets without overvoltage protection. The body is furnished with a central locking system (cylindrical lock) with an integrated function which blocks the opening of several drawers together - it ́s a protection against overturning. The bottom part of the body is furnished with slots for anchoring to the floor. We recommend anchoring the cabinet in case it will be loaded to the limit of its maximum carrying capacity.

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Detailed Description

Assembly mouldings on the inner part of bodies allow installing drawers in 1U = 44,45 mm raster.
Into the body there can be mounted a holder of 19” rack accessories, a stopping device, a leading out moulding for cables and hoses and an output slot. You can also install a panel with slots for cables.


Specification points

  • The drawers are guided in massive slide-rails Fulterer with four ball bearings. These slide-rails are characteristic by an easy and silent running.
  • The drawers are furnished with a comfort aluminium handle with an installed holder of a safety pin DKP PVZ and with a groove for a label with drawer ́s contents.
  • The inner parts of the drawers are pressed and grooved for installing of metal divider sets. Groove spacing is 1E = 17 mm.
  • Useable drawer plan is 451 x 451 mm.

Technical specification

Workshop Cabinets
Product line PROFI
Basic division a) sockets
Internal dimension of the drawer 2727E (451 x 451 mm)
Body height d) 17U (840 mm)
Storage of drawers a) 80% extension Fulterer, load capacity 90 Kg
Upper structure painted sheet metal
Substructure a) base socle 40 mm

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