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Don’t be limited by space or seemingly high demands. We will design high quality metal furniture that can adapt to the room with its dimensions and design. The furniture will have such functionality that you will find the work easy. Confide all your ideas and wishes to us. We will take care of the elaborate design and production.

We will manufacture a complete customized product, but we can also focus on improving a specific part without any problem. Do you want a specific cabinet to have not fixed, but pull out shelves? And that instead of ten shelves there should be twenty? We will enhance metal furniture with smart accessories and make a number of other improvements, such as the installation of power adapters and fans.

We enjoy innovations.
We will be happy to design customized metal furniture for you.


Atypical products can be designed only in the case of repeated purchases or in the case of the implementation of one-off large scale projects. 


  Dílenský vozík - ALFA 3 Dílenský vozík - ALFA 3 Dílenský vozík - ALFA 3


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