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Alnak Model Line

The height of the Alnak workbench worktop is electrically adjustable in the range of 660 – 1,310 mm, with a worktop thickness of 25 mm.
The maximum height adjustment speed is 38 mm/s, the load capacity of the workbench is 200 Kg.
The electrically adjustable ergonomic workplace can be used especially in demanding conditions of production plants or offices. The advantage of personal settings consists in the lower strenuousness of work tasks

Pracovní stoly Alnak

  • 1,500 mm wide extension,
  • 20U V903 mm supports with mounting holes in the 22 mm grid,
  • lighting fixture support,
  • ALMAX lighting fixture.
  • 5U panel, 300 mm shelf,
  • power channel with sockets and a circuit breaker
  • Height adjustment range of the worktop 660 – 1,310 mm, speed 38 mm/s
  • Two-button unit for controlling the height of the worktop,
  • standard equipment of the ALNAK workbenches