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ALFORT Premium Garment Locker

For our major foreign customer, we have produced metal garment lockers of the ALFORT line with doors made of laminated chipboard in Davos oak decor. The lockers will be installed in a hotel’s wellness centre. Their design is carefully colour-coordinated with the interior and sensitively complements the selected architectural concept.

  Premium garment lockers with Z-shaped doors  



The lockers have solid metal bodies made of 0.8 mm thick sheet steel. For humid environments, we can offer, for an extra charge, a design made of galvanized and painted sheet metal, with door panels made of compact boards with HPL surface.

  Lockable ALFORT premium garment lockers  



All of the structural components are carefully designed and fitted. We pay attention to every detail, and we believe that our customers will get to known and appreciate it.



ALFORT storage cabinet   On the inside of the doors, there are transparent damping stops. The mounting hole of the lock is reinforced with a plastic bowl with a stainless steel plate, which transfers the load to its entire surface.


The customer opted for a locking system with standard cylinder locks. These locks have 4,000 possible combinations, and are prepared for the use of a central key.

A TULIP Prisma handle in the satin chrome decor is mounted on the door.

  Cylindrical lock of ALFORT garment locker




If required by the customer, we are able to supply these lockers with electronic code or chip locks.



Do you want us to recommend you a suitable locking method?
We will certainly find a common solution.



Interior equipment of ALFORT premium garment locker   A clothes hanging rail made of anodized aluminium profile with a load capacity of 20 Kg is installed in each compartment. It is fitted with non-removable sliding plastic hooks with a load capacity of 4 Kg.
There are two plastic towel hooks on the side bar of the clothes hanging rail holder.


The doors are mounted on high-quality fully adjustable furniture hinges, fitted with a damped closing mechanism.
The maximum door opening angle is approx. 100°. The lockers are fitted with a door opening angle limiter.

  Damped closing mechanism of ALFORT garment locker



  ALFORT storage garment lockers with Z-shaped doors  


We are glad that the customer opted for our products from the premium ALFORT line. We believe that our customer will be satisfied with them in the long term and that they will contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere for visitors to the hotel’s wellness centre.