Powder coating line operator

Powder coating line operator

Be the one who makes our metal furniture beautiful and colourful. 

What our painter does:

  • Operates and sets a semi-automatic powder coating line 
  • Changes colour tints and shades, and cleans the equipment
  • Manually paints parts of products that have not been painted by automatic guns
  • Performs visual checks and checks using a thickness gauge
  • Manually handles material, parts and finished products
  • Performs basic cleaning and maintenance of the workplace and equipment used

What is required:

  • Apprenticeship, preferably in a technical field
  • Basic orientation in technical documentation 
  • Basic PC skills
  • Manual dexterity 
  • Reliability and independence
  • Good health

Type of employment relationship: full-time job, three-shift operation 
Required education: primary or apprenticeship, preferably in a technical field
This job is also suitable for school leavers.

Gross wages: CZK 20,000 - 29,000



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