Workshop furniture

The ALFA 3 workshop furniture is characterized by massive welded construction, modern design and careful processing. In the process of constructing the particular products intended for workshops we aim not only at resistance, design, ergonomy, size and facility of the bearing space, but also at connectivity with IS and with systems for medium and energy distribution. Practically you can furnish your plant with modern workshop furniture with inbuilt power and data distribution, gadgets and monitoring device. The unit principle construction of the ALFA 3 workshop furniture allows to add other units in the future according to the increasing demands on technology in your plant.

alfa3-silhouettesOn the internet page there is an application available to our customers which is intented for creating labels of drawer ́s contents.

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The body is characterized by a solid welded construction and it is furnished with a height ad- justment and with slots for anchoring to the floor or to the wall. The body ́s carrying capacity is 400 - 800 kg. The body is inside prepared for installation of shelves or supporting construc- tion for installation of drawers. The doors are hinged on massive pivots, angle of opening is 110°. On their inner part there is a reinforcing element. Locking is solved by a turning padlock cap and a three-point locking mechanism. Alternatively you can order cupboards with glass-filled doors.
The shelves have a surface carrying capacity 100 kg and are adjustable after 25 mm.

System cupboard PROFI DSP 92 1 K04 A
RAL 2004RAL 1023RAL 3000RAL 5010RAL 5012RAL 6024RAL 7035RAL 7031

DSP 92 1 K04 A

  • 1950 x 920 x 600mm
  • Modul 920mm
  • slid. 80% max. load (kg): 90

The DSP CNC trolleys for CNC carriers transport are in their upper part furnished with adapters intended for fixing carriers with boxes for storing milling cutters. The boxes are available for all the common used clamping systems. The UNI line trolleys are intended for transport of components and tools. They are useful for setup men, service workers and CNC machines operators.
The bodies of the trolleys are constructed as solid weldments, they have a central locking system and they are furnished with a wheelframe with a pair of fixed and a pair of revolving castors with a brake. The castor ́s diameter is 100 mm.
The drawers are guided in telescopic slide-rails with 100% sliding and with a carrying capacity of 40 kg.

Trolleys - for CNC carriers transport DVU 3623 13UN PV
RAL 2004RAL 1023RAL 3000RAL 5010RAL 5012RAL 6024RAL 7031RAL 7035

DVU 3623 13UN PV

  • 968 x 765 x 500mm
  • Modul 765mm
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eye 90

eye 90 DEP 4A D50 UL


  • Dimension (mm): 50

Price: 2,28 EUR excl. VAT

The system holders are designed for fitting into EUROPERFO® panels. The are made of steel plates and ø5 mm logs. The surface treatment is made by Fe-phosphate and powder epoxypolyester in shade of dull chrome. Plastic safety pins for fixing the hooks are part of supply.

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