We can give advisory opinions in searching for a suitable product. By analysis of the concrete conditions in your company we draft the most suitable dimensions, construction, product arrangement and optimal locking system.
In case of big projects it is possible to draft location of the furniture directly in your company or to make a 3D layout.

We advise you how to choose the right:

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1. The A line wardrobe lockers are furnished with full doors made of double construction. This construction provides beside the doubtless advantages of solidity and resistance also the pure design lines suitable especially for the contemporary wardrobe´s interiors. The ventilation slots are located in the bottom part of the locker, in shelves and in external upper partition of the locker. According to the customer´s demand it is possible to choose instead of standard perforation A1 with slots 8 x 50 mm the other alternatives with rectangular or circular perforation. For thumbnails see the technical parametres of the wardrobe lockers.

For schools, especially the primary schools, we recommend to furnish the lockers with the A2 slots. The reason is the safety view, because the slots are too small and prevent the trapping in of the children´s fingers.

The lockers are furnished with an efficient ventilation system, which ensures the uniform air flow in whole interior of the locker. If the customer doesn´t look for the cheapest possible solution and is concerned in modern look, high resistance and optional possibility of buying the accessory, we definitely recommend these lockers. In our assortment the wardrobe lockers with double-plated doors are marked by production code beginning on the letter A.


2. The L line wardrobe lockers with one-plated reinforced doors are from the view of look, used ventilation system and option to choose the look of the ventilation slots just the same as the A line lockers described in article 1. But the construction of the doors is because of economic reasons only one-plated, but it is furnished with reinforced profile made of closed construction located by the door lock. This solution is markedly more resistant than by the reinforcements spot-welded into the lockers with ventilation louver system and it almost reaches the quality of the double-plated construction. If you choose the L line wardrobe locker you have to take into consideration that there is no option to afterassemble any accessory to the internal part of the doors.


3. The O or B line wardrobe lockers with ventilation louver system are furnished with doors with stamped ventilation louvers, also known as gills, in their external part. This version was abundantly produced in the past and some producers have this version in their assortment as the main solution. This ventilation system is from the production view relatively cheap, but its main disadvantage is that the air doesn´t flow uniformly within the whole locker´s interior, so the main flow is right behind the door and the stampings also reduce the door´s construction.

You can also find these lockers in our assortment, but they are mainly intended for customers who have these lockers in the wardrobe and want to buy another ones.

We offer two versions of louvers. The first one allows to produce the stampings 125 mm long in 15 mm spacing in number of multiple of three stampings, but we recommend 6 or 12 stampings in upper and bottom part of the locker´s door. The second one allows to produce the stampings 75 mm long in 18 mm spacing in number of multiple of four stampings, but we recommend 8 stampings in upper and bottom part of the locker´s door.


4. The metal wardrobe lockers with laminated doors in wooden or unicolour surface are the ideal compromise for places, where it is necessary to have from the design view the front parts of lockers made of lamino according to the demand of the customer or architect. The combination of laminated doors and resistant metal corpuses is optimal solution from the view of resistance and lifetime, which is much longer by the metal corpuses then by the lamino boards. The lamino boards are not resistant against humidity and also against eventual violence and manhandling.


5. From our point of view the wardrobe lockers made of lamino don´t represent an optimal solution. They can be used in not much exposed wardrobes with no risk of wetting, and this can´t be guaranteed especially in storing shoes in winter time. Even if you use the plastic containers, you can´t rely on disciplinary taking off shoes into the designated place.


In our product range you can find more than 100 basic types of the wardrobe lockers. If we take into consideration different options of internal arrangements, different types of locks and locking and safety systems, versions with different socle´s heights and versions with slanted roofs and also the versions of wardrobe lockers made of harder material or made of galavanized sheets, we will get several hundreds of versions of the wardrobe lockers.

It is not easy to stay orientated in this wide range of products and choose the right one.

We prepared for you several articles and through them we will try to give you advice.

We produce the metal wardrobe lockers in two basic constructional versions:

1. The welded metal wardrobe lockers

Also known as the weldments, are made of precise metal segments bended on CNC machines, where they are settled and then welded. Due to these processes the locker´s corpuses are highly solid and resistant. Consequently the corpuses are painted, assembled and packed. The wardrobe lockers are produced in wide dimension range with lots of options of internal arrangement and from user view they provide optimal combination of usable characteristics, resistance and long lifetime. But their main disadvantage is their high volume in proportion to the sales price. So from the logistic view for the distribution companies it is better to transport the welded wardrobe lockers only to approx. 400 Km distance.

rada_kovove_satni_skrinky 00-rada-dvouplastove-dvere

2. Dismantled lockers

The dismantled lockers, sometimes also known as folding lockers, are made of precise metal segments processed on CNC machines. These single pieces are consequently painted, assembled and packed into the cardboard covers. So the final assembling of the lockers is realized in concrete wardrobe. The disadvantage of these lockers are the higher demands on time needed for assembling and instalation of the locker. The trained two-man team is able to assemble the two-piece locker in approx. 15 minutes. You have to take into consideration the lower construction´s solidity, so if you demand higher solidity, it is necessary to rivet the locker together, so it takes other approx. 10 minutes for two-piece locker. The main advantage of the dismantled lockers is low demand on transport capacity, so they can be transported very cheaply on long distances. The other advantage is the option to complete the "endless lines" of lockers. It is profitable from the economic view, but you have to take into consideration the problems with eventual removal, when the lockers have to be completely dismantled and then assembled again.

rada-skladaci-skrine2 00-rada-skladaci-skrine

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In the workshop furniture´s assortment you can find many versions of workbenches, workshop shelf´s systems, drawer´s systems, telescopic and combined systems intended for storing tools, material and work´s documentation.

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Cloakroom furniture

We use only the first class materials and well-approved components bought from prestigious suppliers. The production itself is mostly realized by using high precise CNC machines and computerized production systems of PSBB line. The surface treatment is realized through IDEAL-LINE coating line equipped with GEMA MagicCylinder II coating box with CM30 operation system and 12 automatic electrostatic coating guns.

Cloakroom furniture Cloakroom furniture
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Office furniture

The ALFA 3 steel office furniture is characterized by careful work processing and modern design. It involves the usual whole-metal cabinets with shelves or drawers. Further you can also find attractive products, which combine resistant steel bodies with doors or drawer´s front panels made of laminated chipboard in wooden surfaces or glass.

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Metal furniture, wardrobe lockers, card files, filling cabinets, wardrobe lockers with double-plated doors.

Metal furniture – wardrobe lockers, card files, work tables

The ALFA3 s.r.o. company is concerned with development, production and sale of metal furniture. On the internet page there is an application (instructions for use) available to our customers which is intented for creating labels of drawer ́s contents. A wide database of symbols and a text editor is available as well.

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The main products in our assortment are first of all the wardrobe lockers, the card files, the filling cabinets, the containers, the products for furnishing plants, workshops, schools, warehouses, surgeries and a lot of other products.

In designing, developing, producing and control process we emphasize on precise processing, high resistance and optimal product functionality.

Our products are characterized by modern timeless design. Due to it they can suitable follow contemporary interiors.

Our products are distributed through the network of our franchised dealears, who care about delivery services and they assure the guarantee and after-guarantee service.